Spring Fashion Trends for Your OOTDs  | Current Fashion Trends 2018!

Spring Fashion Trends for Your OOTDs | Current Fashion Trends 2018!

February 08, 2018

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Current Fashion Trends of 2018!

Spring Fashion is in! Spring season is fast approaching, soon we’ll bid goodbye to winter clothes and say hello to trendy spring outfits. Everyone wants a ready to wear set of spring outfit but let’s get honest, getting ready for spring isn’t that easy as it seems to be. Waking up every day and wondering what to wear is time-consuming and challenging. You’d surely end up wasting hours contemplating on mismatch pairs of skirts and blouses or dress and accessories that would end up to be an awkward outfit or worst an eyesore! To achieve a trendy and cute spring outfit, the number one and most important rule is to prepare. Always prepare! 

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Where to Buy Affordable Spring Clothes and Accessories?

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A month or more before spring, you must already look for shops with nice clothes and prices. Today, online shopping highlights the market trend. Where else can you do shopping with your pajama’s or wherever you are and whatever time of the day? The problem is myriads of fashion shops are sprouting like weeds online. Plenty of them offer too good to be true prices with questionable quality. Horror online shopping stories are not really new these days. We can’t really tell which ones can be trusted or not. Some are beautiful on screen but disappointing after delivery. But wait, don’t lose hope and keep your chill. 

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Women are smart shoppers, and smart shoppers don’t just consider the style. Being a practical shopper, women usually check the price as well. However, more often than not, designer clothes are just out of our leagues. It just makes us feel frustrated to see something we really like that could never be ours. Good thing there are no issues like this at Fleur Fashion Boutique. Your list of reasonable and affordable spring dresses without compromising quality is just a click away. They do not just offer fashionable clothing trends; they also promote comfort and style that enable diversified women to be confidently beautiful in their own personal choice of style.

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Spring and Summer New Trends to Watch out For This 2018!

You know what’s the best part of spring? Of course the outfits! 2018 trends of spring break outfits  are refreshing.

  • Pastel Hues for the Carefree Fashionistas

From lilac, pink, lemon, and duck egg blue, pastel hues are never left behind. Mostly, pastel colors in dresses, rompers, and flowy bottoms are cute outfits for spring. These shades naturally give off a lighter vibe, like the cool breeze of sunny afternoons or early morning strolls during summer. Pastel earthy colors like beige or shades of brown are also the usual choice for casual spring outfits. These color go well with subtle or ever dark make-ups.

  • Checkers for Avant-garde Women

Next in line are the checkers. 2018 checkers aren’t like the one we used to see. It’s no longer limited to flannels and cowgirl polo shirts. This year, it has a touch of femininity— something sexy with a louse vibe, very light, and pleasant to the eyes. Checkers also comes in dresses paired with pointed strap sandals or boots.

  • Bold Colors for Expressive Fashion Statement

Bold colors are also on our list of spring trends fashion. This spring will be so bright, indeed. Women who wear bold colors in yellow, red, and blue scream the air of sophistication and power. The key here is the right pairing and how you express yourself through fashion.

  • Sheer Fabrics Can Be a Subtle Detail or a Fashion Statement

Up next are sheer clothes like coats, dresses and skirts. It can vary from formal wear or casual. Sheer clothes are oftentimes skin tone and almost nude. It gives off a perfect combination of demureness and nakedness, opposites but is a perfect match. Sheer clothes create a sexy-innocent look for women. It can be cover-ups for revealing tops, adding a sultry and fun vibe.

  • Laces for Classic Feminine Touch

Laces are also in! You’ll find them in various styles— from long and sleeveless spring tops and dresses to sweaters and crop tops— which make women look chic and sexy. Crop top laces are often off shoulders or sleeveless, perfect for the warm spring weather. They are usually paired with dark tight or ripped jeans. Sleeveless top laces may go with tight skirts; it may require tucking to shape up your curves.

If you prefer it untucked, it can still create a statement. Wearing it untuck creates a relaxed and flowy look while tucking it looks more formal and polished. The most popular and versatile type of lace design is the shift dress. It can be worn for both dressy and casual occasions and can be paired with trendy ankle boots or a pair of sleek black pumps.  

  • Ruffles for a Dramatic Look

Ruffles are also still in trend, prevailing the feminine air and elegance. Dresses like these need perfect sandals to go with. Just in are the Cinderella shoes. It can be a classy pair or a sparkly one if you like. It should be noted that socks and shoes are making a comeback too.

Fleur Fashion's Spring Collection: 5 Must-Have Items to Stay on Trend

After knowing the spring fashion trends this 2018, it's time to shop for clothes perfect for the warm season. Get you wardrobes ready with these trendy fashion essentials that would surely make you stay on trend!

  1. Off Shoulder Tops

While the sun is hot and the air is cool, wearing a lace off shoulder top will give you perfect spring and summer vibes. There’s really something about exposing shoulders that adds up to the sexiness and carefree mood of women.

There are so many ways to pair up this trend in your wardrobe. Off shoulder tops, whether in white, pastel, or bold colors, are quite versatile. You can dress up with or without accessories, depending on your personal style.

Chokers look good in this style too! You can pair it up with high waist tight jeans that hug your lower body and shows off your curves. If you don’t like the idea of wearing pants, it can also go with skirts. For a classic vibe, wear it with high flowy skirts or even a denim skirt would actually do! You can incorporate it with so many ways you would like depending on your mood. Lace off shoulder tops just work for everyone regardless of their personal style. It’s really a must-wear summer trend.

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  1. Flare Tan Belted Bottoms

If you want a vintage and modern look combination, flare tan belted bottoms are just exactly what you need. This bronze or brown shade can literally just jive in any other color you like. It is best worn if paired up with fitting tops especially with laces. You can also use a cover-up that matches the style of your top.

This pair of bottoms can keep you cool and stylish all throughout the season. Its belted waist adds a unique and catchy style. Your strappy sandals are highly recommended to add up to the cool vibe.

Flare belted bottoms and more are available here!

  1.  Sheer Dresses

A summer vibe wouldn’t be complete without perfect spring dresses. This rose gold dress will totally catch anyone’s attention, whether worn on beaches or even just on the sidewalks. Either way, this outfit would never go wrong this season

If you prefer an effortless style, this gray knot dress would be best for you. It enables you to show off your curves with a subtle aura of innocence and sexiness all mixed up. You can pair it with a blazer in bold colors or some funky boots.

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  1. Floral Romper

For someone who doesn’t want to accidentally mismatch tops and bottoms, rompers are the solution to your problem. Spring wouldn’t ever be complete without something floral. This charcoal romper is the epitome of style and comfort. With its grey, pink, and magenta floral print, plunging neckline, and its three-quarter sleeves, it’s the perfect combination of flirty and fun spring fashion. Get yours now!

  1. Gold Accessories

gold body chain

To complete the glamour and style, accessories shouldn’t be left behind. A gold body chain is a go-to accessory to bring some glitz to your OOTDs. Furthermore, chokers are totally in for the coming spring and summer, too! It would highlight off shoulder tops or dresses as not to look dull or plain. Just be sure not to over-wear accessories. Keep it subtle but sassy.

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