Cute Dresses and Outfit Ideas to Complete Your Boho Chic Look

April 03, 2018

bohemian clothing

There is a reason why bohemian clothing is always featured in any dress boutiquesspring collection. The key to pulling off this style is knowing when to wear it. Think Coachella— light and flimsy pieces like cute maxi dresses and off-the-shoulder rompers are always best suited for the warmer seasons.

Bohemian Style Fashion and Dressing Tips

If you want to start wearing such pieces of clothing but are unsure where to begin, we have you covered.

What is Bohemian Style Fashion?

The bohemian style is a throwback to the period of the ‘60s and the ‘70s, and it takes away from the ever-popular hippie lifestyle. Some of its key characteristics are an emphasis on freedom and a generally carefree disposition. This style often runs alongside environmental advocacy, a fact that makes lightweight fabrics and free-flowing materials a favorite among this crowd.

  • History of Bohemian Style

  • The ‘50s and early ‘60s were periods of political unrest and social violence that would cause the emergence of the hippie subculture and along with it, the boho style of clothing. There is a reason why this clothing style has a long history of association with creatives and intellectuals. Simply put, it is anti-establishment and anti-bourgeoisie. Hippies longed for a life that was free, nomadic, and spirited. They refused to be confined to the social structure of the time and wanted to live outside of societal expectations. These ideals are clearly represented in their lifestyle and appearance.

    What Fabrics Are Best for a Boho Look?

    Like mentioned above, the boho look was influenced by environmental advocacies. People went to natural fabrics in accordance with this, and it has become an identifying mark of the fashion style. Cool cotton, natural hemp, and light linens are popular fabrics, but lace, chiffon, and silk are also used to add character to an outfit. Meanwhile, leather and suede are chiefly used for items like belts, shoes, and bags.

    A color palette can also be a visual indicator of the boho look. A lot of shades of white, brown, and black are used as a base, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear your green maxi dress! When done right, pops of color enhance an outfit, but do it in moderation.

    A Guide to Wearing a Bohemian Outfit

    Consider the following tips when you want to dress in a bohemian manner:

  • Layer with care
  • The style actually makes use of a lot of layering. However, it takes more than just piling items on top of one another to make it work. A proper ensemble is about the bigger picture. You would not want your outfit to cause sensory overload. To tidy up your layering, it might be a good idea to cinch it with a belt for a more polished look and always make sure that it isn’t so heavy that it takes attention away from your facial features.

  • Choose clothes for your body type
  • This is a general rule that you should apply to all styles of clothing, but it is an important rule to remember when it comes to bohemian fashion. Do your research on your body type. Tall women would be graceful in maxi skirts while petite women can rock a white knee length dress with shorter outerwear to create an illusion of height. Those with slim figures should try wearing tight outfits like a bodycon dress which can be layered with a sheer top over it.

  • Accessorize!
  • Don’t neglect your accessories for they can make or break your look. Belts are good for adding structure to a flowy lace dress, and braided ones give a vintage touch without being over-the-top. Jewelry is another way to add an edge to your outfits. Beads, shells, and dangling earrings will give an ethnic appeal. Stacked necklaces and bracelets will project a layering effect. Don’t overdo it, however. Remember, you only want to enhance your outfit, not take away from it.

    Spring Collection for a Bohemian Chic Wardrobe

    Spring is fast approaching, and if your wardrobe is still missing some bohemian-style pieces, you are in luck. The following are pieces that you should consider getting to make your wardrobe interesting and sufficiently boho chic:

    bell sleeve blouse

    • Bell Sleeve Blouses for Women 

    Bell sleeved blouses are elegant and breezy pieces, making them the perfect top to wear for those warm spring days. It has a flowy appeal thanks to the interesting shape of the sleeves, but the sheer quality of the fabric ensures that the piece does not neglect to accent your shape.

    The drawstring neckline also adds a touch of vintage to your attire. This is a perfect blouse for anyone who aims to achieve a boho chic look because it has all of the key characteristics of the style but also takes your comfort into consideration.

    These tops are great when paired with jeans in a solid, contrasting color, and that ensemble would be great for both quiet, romantic dinners, and a loud night out with your friends.

  • Cute Shirts in Boho Color Trends

  • While plain shirts simply won’t make the cut, ones with interesting cuts and daring necklines should be added to the top of your list. Details like a criss-cross strap and off-shoulder sleeves will successfully add a touch of personality to any top, and they will successfully accentuate your bodily features such as your shoulders and collar bones.

    For this reason, it is best to rock them in spring and summer when you can wear them with little to minimal layering. It is perfect for picnics and brunch with the girls. Make sure to get these fun tops in unconventional colors to fully bring out its artistic appeal. To top it off, wear it with a neutral pair of bottoms to bring out a balanced bohemian edge to your entire ensemble.

    cute rompers
  • Cute Rompers/Long Sleeve Maxi Dresses in Floral Print

  • What better way to add floral items to your wardrobe than something that packs two items in one? After all, you can never have more than enough florals in your wardrobe and spring is the perfect season to wear such prints.

    A long sleeve maxi dress whose hem can be parted to reveal that it is also a romper underneath is just an ingenious idea. These pieces will definitely add versatility to your wardrobe, and the different combinations you can do with them provide endless fashion possibilities.

    It is easy to dress down or dress up as long as you make sure to wear and style the piece to suit the occasion you are attending. Get something with more daring details like a low neckline, an open back, or even both to give the free-flowing piece a look will have both natural and edgy qualities.

    flowy knee length dress
  • Flowy Knee Length Dresses

  • Make sure to find this item in a material like rayon which will make it a piece that is conducive for the warmer weather without making your silhouette look frumpy and heavy. If you are lucky enough to find something with interesting qualities like a flouncy set of sleeves, an interesting print, and an off-shoulder neckline, all you would need now is a leather belt to cinch it tightly with.

    These dresses are great for looking effortlessly stylish, and if you want to add a more bohemian charm to the ensemble, you can get away with wearing a hat on top of your head. It is a cute dress that is simply perfect for those laid back spring days. This type of dresses is great when paired with tan or leather shoes.

  • Slim Fit Floral Print Maxi Dress

  • There are plenty of options to choose from when you want to wear a maxi dress, such as a floral wrap dress and other types of dresses with sleeves. However, take advantage of the weather so that you can show off your back and shoulders!

    A sleeveless maxi dress that wraps tightly around your torso, opens at the back, and flares at the hem would be a great way to accentuate your form in an elegant manner. When it comes to the design of the piece, a floral print is a great way to add a natural appeal to the overall look. The effect is classy and effortless, making it a perfect ensemble to wear on those laidback spring days. This piece should be a mainstay in the figurative bohemian drawer in your wardrobe.

  • Champagne and Blush Colored Dresses

  • Champagne and blush colored dresses are already very charming because of their unique coloring. While they are technically neutral colors, they have a silky and smooth richness that makes you instantly more attractive in these shades.

    However, it is not recommended that you rely on the color of the fabric alone— of course, that would not be enough to make it a great outfit. Make sure to look for pieces that come with other interesting details, such as a drawstring neckline and a tight bodice. These kinds of dresses in these colors are as bohemian as you can get. Pieces like this are great when paired with high heels in a solid color, and this pairing will ensure that you look properly bohemian chic.

    Where to Buy High-Quality And Affordable Boho Clothing?

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    We have a wide catalog of high-quality bohemian pieces that will satisfy any fashionista. Also, remember that boho is a lifestyle, and the fact that the shop aims to create products for women and by women is already a bohemian characteristic in itself. The items even come in custom packaging that makes the products even more special.


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