jumpsuits and rompers

Fleur Fashion-Approved Jumpsuits and Rompers for Women and Teens!

May 09, 2018

jumpsuits and rompers

Jumpsuits and rompers can either give you a signature look or end up to be a fashion failure. This is why a few women tend to shy away from these clothing pieces. Luckily, Fleur Fashion has some of the best jumpsuits and rompers collection that you can definitely wear on different occasions. The trick here is to know your body and choose a clothing that complements your shape nicely.

Rompers and jumpsuits are both worn as onesies, but the main difference between them is the bottom. Rompers use shorts while jumpsuits have trousers. These clothing items are comfortable to wear and are often worn in casual gatherings and parties.

In choosing which type would suit you well, consider your height and your body type. Some cuts and drapes work better with a certain body type, and there are varied details to choose from depending on what you want to accentuate with your look.

In this article, we’ve listed 6 jumpsuit and romper collections from Fleur Fashion Boutique. Whether you want a dressy casual look, youthful glow, or spice up your look with an edgy style, these collections are for you!


6 Boutique Jumpsuits and Rompers Collections at Fleur Fashion Boutique


  1. Dressy Rompers and Jumpsuits for that “Femme Fatale” Charisma

Going for a “femme fatale” charisma? These dressy rompers and jumpsuits at Fleur Fashion are a must-have. Rompers are ideal for a casual day out because they are comfortable to wear. But when they’re paired with the right accessories and shoes, they can completely transform your look.

This royal blue romper is one of Fleur Fashion’s best-selling dressy rompers. It has a ruffled V-neck to bring people’s attention to your bust area and a self-tie belt to accentuate your curves. If you’re the type of women who feel confident wearing a sexy and dressy outfit, then this romper is a worthy choice.


dressy jumpsuit

A dressy jumpsuit, on the other hand, can work for a wider range of activities. Depending on what shoes and accessories you pair it with. Dressy jumpsuits are perfect for semi-formal occasions or as dinner date outfits. This taupe jumpsuit, for instance, is a halter type which allows you to show a little bit of skin without being too overbearing. The taupe color is subtle enough for you to pair it with some killer heels and jewelry pieces.

         2. Get These Floral Rompers/Jumpsuits for Your Summer Outings

When summer is just around the corner and you want to go for a more outdoorsy type of look, then a floral romper may just be right for you.

print romper

Floral rompers at Fleur fashion Boutique come in different prints and cuts like this sleeveless charcoal print romper. This can be worn with either sneakers or heels. If you want your look to be chic enough, then choose a pair of strappy heels and a matching bag. Go for a pair of sneakers if you want that model-off-duty look. Make sure to stick to shoes with a neutral color to put emphasis on the romper’s details.

Going for a more boho vibe? Get this floral print romper instead. It has a unique style to it, giving you both a romper and a dress in one ensemble! You can pair it with some strappy sandals or boots. Since this outfit has a lot of details in it, wearing your favorite pair of drop earrings is already enough to complete the look.

Other accessories on the head can also go well with this look. This could be your outfit for that spring/summer trip! Plus, both adults and teens can wear this outfit!

navy jumpsuit

Tight floral jumpsuits, such as this Polka Dot Jumpsuit, are perfect if you have a slim physique. The tightness to it can either highlight your slim figure or give the illusion of height which is good for petite girls. However, if you’re a plus-size, it’s important to consider the size and placement of the prints.

In addition, you should definitely consider how the item fits your curves.  It should fit just right— not too tight nor too loose. It would be difficult to move around if the fitting is too tight, so keep in mind the measurements particularly in the arm, crotch, and leg areas.

  •          3. Get the Timeless, Classic Look with These Beautiful Stripes

  • Details of the clothes matter because they determine whether the clothes suit you or not. Details are not limited to the cut of the fabric but also include the prints and designs.

    If you have a slim physique and want to draw attention to your waist, then try going for jumpsuits and rompers with stripe details on them. Striped rompers and jumpsuits are perfect for casual outdoor activities. Sip your mid-day coffee on your favorite spot rocking your favorite stripe outfit, or go shopping while donning a classic striped ensemble. Striped rompers and jumpsuits will always give you a signature look whatever the occasion if you know how to wear them.

    Show your feminine and youthful side with this striped button up romper. If you want it to be more of a street style look, add a belt bag on your waist and a hat, then you’re good to go.

    striped romper

    Perhaps a stripe romper in a darker shade? No worries! Fleur fashion got an even better option with an off-the-shoulder detail and a self-tie belt. The black and white vertical stripes create a sophisticated look while making your body figure look slimmer.

    stripe jumpsuit

    Meanwhile, low necklines like this stripe jumpsuit would flatter women with a large bust. If you have sexy collarbones and slim waistline, then show them off with this jumpsuit.

    This taupe stripe jumpsuit, on the other hand, highlights your height by its wide leg cut. This is flattering to women with a slim waist and long legs. You can either pair this jumpsuit with some sneakers or strappy heels, depending on the occasion. However, if you’re not that tall, it would be best to pair it with heels. This is because the heels would give you the added height for a sexier look.

    pinstripe jumpsuit

    Last, but definitely not the least, in our stripe collection is this pinstripe jumpsuit. Pinstripe is the go-to of most career-driven women, but this type of print can also be worn outside the corners of your office. With a low V-shape neckline and a side bow tie, this can pass as a shopping or coffee date outfit. In love with this pinstripe jumpsuit already? Hurry! You’re not the only one eyeing this item.


            4. Unleash Your Edgy Persona With This Dark Colored/ Black Jumpsuit Collection

    An edgier look can be attained by opting for a more dramatic color on your clothes. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors when shopping for rompers and jumpsuits. However, there is also nothing wrong with sticking to universal shades like black. After all, black is the go-to shade if you’re not sure what colors complement your complexion and figure the most.


    There are a lot of ways to pull off an edgy look. You can either go all out and wear all black – with shoes and bags to match, or you can add some color to your look by pairing your jumpsuit with shoes and bag in striking colors.

  • black jumpsuit

    Jumpsuits are making a buzz on the internet lately. Thanks to the Kardashian-Jenner sisters, jumpsuits are making a comeback with the right styles and cuts, of course. This black jumpsuit is a well-loved piece by both slim and curvy women. Show a little bit of cleavage and get a small bow tie detail on the waist— nothing extra, just your own swag to rock this outfit.

    button up overalls

    For teens who want an edgy street style fashion, take a look at this black button-up overalls. It has knee slits to give your look an added spunk. Sneakers, boots, or heels? Your pick! This outfit can go well with any pair of shoes!

             5. Rediscover Your Playful Side With These Stunning Jumpsuits and Rompers for Teens

    Looking for jumpers and rompers for teens? No worries! Fleur Fashion has special selections just for you!

    burgundy romper

    A burgundy romper with a fine floral detail is perfect for the summer season. It is sleeveless and is made from 100% rayon, which is moisture absorbent— perfect for teens who have an active lifestyle. For a trendy teenage girl look, pairing it with white sneakers will give you that fresh, youthful vibe.

    Low cut jumper

    Aside from floral prints and bright colors, teens can also wear striped jumpers. Just take this low cut jumper, for example. While this may look like a formal attire at first glance, but the more you look into its details, you’ll discover its cute style. The thin straps allow the design of your top to be emphasized. To maintain a childlike look, pair it with statement shirts.  

    overall dress

    Want a cutesy look? Get this spring denim bib overall dress! This overall dress comes in neutral color, so it can be paired with a variety of tops to be worn underneath.

             6. Want a Subtle Yet Flirty Look? This Summer Party Jumpsuit and Rompers Collection is for YOU!

    A subtle yet flirty look can be achieved with these party jumpsuits and rompers. They are more for a casual setting, like reunion or family parties, and not as much as formal events. This taupe jumpsuit is ideal if you want to accentuate your legs and bust because of the low cut neckline and the front slit.

    Meanwhile, this blush romper makes a great casual party outfit. The laced up front and the flowy details are enough to put you in the spotlight. What’s even better is that you can wear either flats or heels with this outfit.

    Taupe jumpsuit dress


    Fashion is not just about wearing the latest and trendiest clothes. It’s more of how you express yourself despite the rapidly changing styles of clothing. Sure, rompers and jumpsuits are not for everyone, but if you know your body and accept yourself— regardless of shape and size— then you’ll have more confidence in wearing different types of clothes.

    You feel the sexiest when you can express yourself. Fleur Fashion Boutique proudly offers high-end selections of rompers and jumpsuits to make women feel their sexiest, no matter the occasion.

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