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Fleur Fashion Vs. Lotus Boutique: The Pros and Cons of Each Boutique Revealed!

April 15, 2018

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On lazy days, popular online boutiques are the place to go. You surely can find any outfit that suits the season, trend, and your style without even leaving the bed. From floral maxi sundresses to bright-colored lace off the shoulder top, you can have them at the click of a mouse.

Why Women Flock to Popular Online Boutiques?

Nowadays, people, especially women, prefer shopping clothes online. Aside from being less hassle, it saves you time and money. You don’t have to ride a cab to personally shop at your favorite boutiques. You will also have a lot of options and will be able to compare the price before you hit that add to cart button and check out your order. It’s that simple and convenient!

Two of the Best Online Boutique's Pros and Cons

Fleur Fashion and Lotus Boutique are two of the best and most raved about online boutiques where you can shop fashion-forward clothes at an affordable price. Whether you are just going out with friends or attending a special occasion, there will always be available options for you. Denim outfit, country concert outfits, name it. They have it.

However, take note that there are pros and cons of these popular online boutiques that you need to know. For your convenience, we list down the pros and cons of each boutique so that you can choose the better online boutique for your fashion pieces.

Fleur Fashion (One of the Best Online Dress Boutiques)

best online dress boutiquebest online dress boutique


Fleur Fashion Boutique emerged out of Madison’s (store owner) desire to empower women. She realized that most women struggle with lack of confidence, so many insecurities, abuse, and depression. She dreamed of helping them by promoting and selling handpicked clothes that can make them feel confident and proud of themselves.


  • Handpicked Clothes

The clothes from Fleur Fashion Boutique are nice and trendy with lots of variations. Each piece is unique and well-selected. You can really see what kind of look this online shop is trying to promote— sexy yet elegant and classy yet trendy. They also have trendy and cute clothing pieces, as well as clothes that serve as women’s second skin that they can comfortably move with it.

  • Buy with a cause

When you buy from the shop, you are indulging in the women empowerment advocacy. You are recognizing your value as a woman and exercising your right to pamper yourself once in a while by wearing clothes that you prefer.


The boutique also has this one-of-a-kind campaign where you take photos of yourself wearing the dress. You can post it on social media and include a caption that encourages and helps empower women.

  • Affordable Clothes

For as low as USD 19.99, you can have a precious piece from the collection. Accessories like long wrap choker, olive hat, and scarf are also affordable. The gold body chain can get as low as USD 2.99. Being fashionable is not as expensive as you think after all.

olive hat

  • User-Friendly website

A great website completes the customer’s overall shopping experience. Fleur Fashion Boutique’s website is simple and not confusing. You can see the clothes right away, making it easy to browse around. There are no unnecessary ads, so you will not be distracted while shopping.



  • Fewer options

Since the clothes are carefully handpicked, you can expect that their items are not as many as compared to physical shops.

  • Clothes can be too sexy for others

The clothes from this online boutique are not for people who are uncomfortable in wearing body-hugging clothes and clothes that show the skin. Most of the clothes in here are meant to make women look and feel empowered, something that exudes a high level of confidence. So, if you are too conservative, this is not the place to shop. However, modest tops and bottoms are also available but in limited selections.


They also have boutique maxi dresses and country concert outfits that are not so revealing yet can still highlight the beautiful shape of your body. After all, you don’t have to show some skin or curves just to feel confident and sexy, right?

fleur fashion

Lotus Boutique 

Lotus Boutique is another women’s clothing boutique online. Whether you are striving for a glam look or decide for a casual wardrobe, they have something to offer. Their creative team of fashion-forward women creates a clothing collection that fits your lifestyle. If you love going to the beach, for instance, they have maxi dresses and rompers with matching shoes and accessories.



  • Wide Selection

They have a huge selection of clothes, and they are specifically categorized for your reference. The good thing is, they also offer shoes to go with your outfit. So, if you are in a rush and want a one-stop-shop, this is the online boutique for you.


  • Online Sale

If you love bargain sale, they have a tab where you can see some of the clothes with slashed prices. In there, you can buy decent clothes for as low as USD 12. If you are not so picky about the clothes you wear, you can spend more than you expected because of the super low price they offer.


  • Fits the Budget

Even those clothes that are not on sale can be so affordable. For as low as USD 19, you can buy a simple white dress. Pair it with a USD 39.50 high heels, and you’re ready for a night out!




  • Prissy clothes

Some clothes that are on sale in Lotus Boutique have old-fashioned prints and cuts. If you’re after classic pieces, you can certainly find something in here. However, if you are looking for clothes that are contemporary, sexy, and sophisticated, they don’t have much.


  • Pop-Up Ads

It’s annoying to shop online when there are unwanted advertisements that keep on popping everywhere. At Lotus Boutique website, you will encounter a lot of them. From a window pop-up that asks if you want to be notified to unnecessary spin the wheel game to get a discount even before you choose the clothes that you want to buy.


  • Boutique Bundle

They have this so-called Boutique Bundle where they send a box of random clothes and accessories to you for a price of USD 69 to USD 129. While it is exciting to receive a gift box, its content might not get you as excited. Especially when you receive clothes that don’t fit you or the style that is not to your liking.


Most people prefer to be hands-on when shopping. You certainly don’t want others to choose the clothes you are going to wear. As much as possible, you love choosing clothes for yourselves, don’t you?

The Winner: Fleur Fashion Boutique

After revealing the pros and cons of the two most prominent online boutiques, we can say that Fleur Fashion is the best place to shop for boutique clothes online.

Each piece exudes a different character in it. You can express yourself and your personality through these clothes without being too flashy. The clothes are certainly contemporary in style and on-trend. You can even see the same style of clothes casually worn by celebrities.

Shoppers will have a great time browsing the selections because there are no unnecessary distractions from pop-up advertisements. You will also feel great after shopping because you know you’ve contributed to the advocacy of empowering women. Your purchase will surely inspire them to be confident and achieve greater goals and roles in the society.

Who Shops at Fleur Fashion?

People who shop at Fleur Fashion are women who are looking for trendy yet timeless pieces, such as boutique maxi dresses, off the shoulder long sleeve tops, and cheap bralettethat you can’t find in other online shops  

We have compiled some of the nicest clothes they have for some inspiration!

boutique fashionboutique fashion

  1. Women's Looking for High-quality Yet Affordable Boutique Clothing

Who says you need to shell out a huge amount of money to become fashionable? These high-quality clothes are stylish yet still affordable.

floral print romper

A floral print romper will surely brighten up your day and others’ when they see you wear it. Its unique and chic style is on fleek. It’s part of Fleur Fashion’s Spring collection. The pastel-colored flower prints, plunging neckline, and bareback will surely scream spring! Totally worth the price.

After rompers, they also have flare tan belted bottoms. It’s becoming a trend now so grab one or more if you like to be on-trend. The neutral color of this bottoms can easily be matched with bright-colored tops. It’s tailored fit to your legs and has an adjustable waist belt. Would you believe that it only costs USD 22.99?

You can also shop for classic white pants  and black jeans at Fleur Fashion. They even have ripped jeans that are perfect for spring!

  1. Ladies with a Penchant for Off the Shoulder Tops

If you like to bare some skin this spring season, here are some of the lovely options from Fleur Fashion Boutique.

off shoulder top

The red floral top can hide big arms and show your sexy neckline. It’s pleasant to the eyes and comfortable to wear. You can partner it with denim pants to complete the outfit.

You can also opt for a front tie crop top, tie front top, or this stunning criss-cross cold shoulder top. The color fits the season. The criss-cross twist in it is so nice; it brings out the sexy curves of your shoulders.

Want a top in dark colors? Fleur Fashion has got you covered. Browse some of their popular off the shoulder crop tops!

  1. Soon to be Graduates Searching for Affordable Graduation Dresses

Are you looking for a simple and elegant graduate dress that fits the occasion? Here are some great choices!

graduation dress

Bodycon Styled Criss Cross Dress has sheer sleeves and plunging neckline that makes it super sophisticated. You will definitely stand out at the event when they see your dress hugging your body, embracing the size, shape, and curves. Wear it with ankle-strapped heels, and you’re ready for the big event!


The White Cross Back Dress, on the other hand, has unique cuts that make it outstanding. After graduation, you can wear it to any cocktail party and other formal events.

  1. Music Lovers Who Want a New Concert Outfits

When you are choosing clothes to wear to a concert, the first thing you should consider is comfort. If you can run and jump with those clothes, and wear it for long hours, that’s the right wardrobe for you.

button up overalls

The button-up overalls and green jumpsuit are perfect concert outfits!

  1. Bold and Daring Women On the Hunt for Stylish and Sexy Bralette Outfits

Undergarments are something that most people don’t give so much attention to— not for bold and daring women on the hunt for stylish and sexy bralette outfits. They actually spend some time choosing exquisite bralettes to wear.

lace bralette   

The velvet bralette and black choker bralette are designed to shear perfection. They come in different sizes, hook closure that’s partially lined, and adjustable straps for a comfy fit. Bralettes from Fleur Fashion are made from 90% cotton and 10% spandex, so expect that it’s soft and elastic.

Choosing the Right Online Boutique

boutique fashion

Finding the right outfit for a specific occasion can be a daunting and difficult task. That’s why the advent of online boutiques is a big plus for shopaholics like you. You can carefully select the clothes because you can see how they look when worn by models.

You are free to choose whatever clothes you want because it is ‘you’ who will wear it. You know yourself and your body more than anyone else. It’s great if you choose clothes that are trendy, stylish, and sexy. Is it comfortable to wear? Does it boost your confidence? Does it make you happy? If yes, then the clothes suit you well.

If you are fond of shopping clothes online, visit See some of the top-rated collections and latest offers. To get amazing deals, just sign up an account on the website. You will definitely keep on coming back for more clothes to shop for every occasion.

Enjoy shopping! :)

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