Fleur Fashion Boutique & Pink Coconut Boutique | Women's Clothing Online Comparison

Fleur Fashion Boutique & Pink Coconut Boutique | Women's Clothing Online Comparison

March 29, 2018


pink coconut boutique

Looking for the right selection of boutique dresses can be a difficult undertaking. The challenge here is discovering a shop that perfectly reflects your style but still manages to set fashion trends on a regular basis. Once you find the right store, we promise that your life will be a lot easier.

You can finally say goodbye to time-consuming and exhausting shopping sprees! You will no longer have to shop for pieces individually because the perfect boutique will have an entire collection of clothing that should flawlessly go well with the rest of your wardrobe. It is important that you can mix and match these items with the existing pieces in your closet for the sake of versatility.

To help you out, we took the liberty to compare Fleur Fashion Boutique with another women’s boutique online. Read on to see which one would be perfect for you!

pink coconut boutique

Quick Comparison of Women's Clothing Online: Fleur Fashion Boutique Vs. Pink Coconut Boutique

 These two dress boutiques  are among the popular online women’s boutiques in the country. It is thus easy to compare them, but there are key differences that set them apart. These include the website design, the fashion items, and other factors that will affect your overall shopping experience. For your convenience, we have listed them below.

Website Navigation

The interface should reflect the personality of the store, but this doesn’t mean usability should be compromised! Pink Coconut has a white header that lends a sense of cleanliness, but this is balanced out by the business of the section. The menu divides the catalog by category and hovering around the menu will show subcategories, which are useful if you are looking for specific items.

On the other hand, Fleur Fashion Boutique superimposes a one-row header against artfully taken fashion photographs, which gives it more personality. The menu does not provide subheadings but aside from the items’ categories, you can also easily access the seasonal collections. It makes great use of visual cues, like a shopping cart logo for your shopping summary and a magnifying glass logo for the search bar.

Both women’s clothing websites managed to successfully integrate a search function, which is essential to any online business. Pink Coconut’s fixed header system takes up a lot of space, however, which makes browsing through boutique dresses more arduous. Fleur Fashion makes it easier by allowing the header to fade as you scroll down.

pink coconut boutique

Online Boutiques Clothing Collection

Of course, the most important thing to consider when picking a clothing store, online or physical, is the collection of clothes! Both Fleur Fashion and Pink Coconut offer a wide range of items, but you can observe major differences in style.

The latter is more inclined to a style that can be best described as playful and preppy. They sell tops with colorful typography and the ensembles are more likely to have singular details that pop out. Their tunics for women often have a busy quality to it because bold patterns are used generously and so are fabrics with vivid colors. The cuts are also more experimental, even for cute long sleeve shirts. The catalog will likely appeal more to teenagers and young women.

On the other hand, Fleur Fashion Boutique caters to a more sophisticated crowd. A charming floral midi dress for women of style is one such piece in their repertoire. The color palette used is mostly neutral, which allows for subtlety and versatility. However, it doesn’t shy away from patterns but those will generally be used for the entire piece. Floral dresses, for one, are more likely to have complementary details and colors. It is also helpful that there is a separate category comprised of jumpsuits for women, which is more accurate than mixing it in with trendy dresses. Fleur Fashion excels in understated incorporation, which makes for a timeless and elegant repertoire of clothing.

 Some of their best-selling items are:

pink coconut boutiquepink coconut boutique

Affordability: Boutique Dresses Discounts and Promos

Of course, we must always consult our wallets and bank accounts before proceeding to shop. When it comes to price tags, Pink Coconut generally offers more expensive items. In fact, the pieces that are available on Pink Coconut’s handy “Sale” tab are more or less at the same price range as regular Fleur Fashion pieces. The pieces might not be quite as expensive as items from, say, Saved by the Dress  but it might be too pricey for students and lower-income customers.

On the other hand, Fleur Fashion Boutique offers free standard shipping domestically, which cuts down costs. While Pink Coconut also offers free shipping, it only applies if your order amounts to more than $50. Fleur Fashion Boutique offers promo codes for discounts as well, and they even conduct giveaways, so be sure to follow their social media pages. A difference of a few dollars may not seem like a lot, but remember that your money will go further if you choose to buy less costly items. Fleur Fashion Boutique shows that quality and a reasonable price can indeed go hand in hand.

pink coconut boutiquepink coconut boutique

Customer Relationship Management

Both stores have contact pages where you can send inquiries about the store or the product. They also have links to their social media pages, namely Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It is noticeable that both are highly active on Instagram where they both post regularly and reply to comments.

However, at the time of writing, the link to Pink Coconut’s Facebook leads to a broken link and the Twitter account was last updated a few years ago. Fleur Fashion Boutique also engages clients in a more active manner. They encourage customers to tag them in photos for features, and they also conduct giveaways and raffles, which boost interaction and visibility.

 Online Boutiques’ Physical Store Location

Online businesses are great for people who live across the country and for clients with busy schedules, but there are still advantages to a brick and mortar store. There are people who are more comfortable trying out trendy clothes, cute sweaters, and cute tops before making a purchase. Fleur Fashion Boutique makes up for this providing an in-depth sizing guide, but it does not offer the same convenience for people who live in the immediate area. When it comes to this aspect, Pink Coconut Boutique wins. They have a retail store at 5142 Goodman Road, Suite 113 Olive Branch, Mississippi, and they provide a clear map on their page as well.


Aside from the above factors, the advocacy of the business is also important. Fleur Fashion Boutique  strongly supports women empowerment and encourages women to express themselves freely. This reflects in the products that the company create and sell, as well as seller-client interactions. They also show how important their customers are by creating custom-made packages. Pink Coconut Boutique also gets points for considering different types of body shapes. They provide a styling guide to create flattering silhouettes, and they offer a wider array of models of all shapes and sizes.

pink coconut boutique

The Verdict: Choose Fleur Fashion Boutique!

 Upon reviewing the two online's women's clothing stores, we have reached the verdict that Fleur Fashion Boutique is better for your general shopping needs. Don’t get us wrong— Pink Coconut is also an excellent fashion boutique that carries great products. We reiterate that it is great for anyone looking for playful and whimsical items of clothing. They also have the advantage of a physical retail store in Mississippi where you can drop by if you would prefer to try on the clothes or if you would rather pay in cash instead of a card.

 However, it is undeniable that Fleur Fashion Boutique does many vital things more effectively. For one thing, they maintain a great online presence across a variety of platforms, which is an important factor when choosing an eCommerce company to patronize. They have stylish offerings at affordable price tags, which are a great deal for all customers! There is also no need to worry about the cost of shipping because it is already included in the price, regardless of how many items you end up buying. If you are looking for a classy dress  that won’t break the bank, look no further than Fleur Fashion Boutique.

Fleur Fashion Featured Items for Spring Season

With springtime setting in, now is the perfect time to shop around for new clothes. We have compiled some of the best items from Fleur Fashion Boutique spring collection for you.

floral romper

  • Floral Print Romper

Some may say that florals for spring are nothing groundbreaking, but you can prove them wrong with this iconic piece! It is a romper and a dress in one, customizable to your heart’s desire. The dark base color provides a great contrast to the pastel flower prints. It is elegant, sexy, and a great way to make a statement.


  • Rust Colored Long Cardigan

Be comfortable and stylish in this open cardigan. It is warm enough to protect you from the spring breeze and the soft material adds an effortlessly laidback touch to any outfit. It is great when paired with jeans, but it will go perfectly with shorts and skirts too, making it ideal for the temperate nature of the season.

  • Royal Blue Romper

This romper is a great addition to your spring wardrobe! Its low neckline oozes sexuality, but this is balanced out by the addition of elegant ruffles. The vibrant color is an excellent way to brighten up your day. For the less daring, it will look great paired with a black cardigan.


  • Open Shoulder Long Dress

This item is a great choice for a night of partying or a special event. The material will provide you with that much desired sex appeal. It hugs your figure tightly so that you can show off your curves. Also, the open shoulder style is definitely a classy way of showing skin. The warm color is also an excellent, a versatile choice that is ideal for spring.


While the beauty of the items is always important, never forget to check the credibility of the store! There are plenty of scammers out there who are only out to get your money. You should only shop from trusted online boutiques with excellent collections, great reviews, and accommodating customer service. Fleur Fashion Boutique is a store that succeeds in all these aspects, making it one of the best online boutiques  around.

Drop by at Fleur Fashion’s website and take a look at the impressive catalog. Don’t forget to sign up to receive amazing deals!


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