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If you’re here to read about some sob story and how I magically got to where I am then unfortunately, you’re in the wrong place. The truth to my story is that I grew up in an amazing family that showed me unconditional love and support my entire life. I was constantly surrounded by strong confident women but what I didn’t realize is that many women didn’t have the type of role models I had while growing up. The older I got I began to realize that a large amount of women struggle with lack of confidence, insecurities, depression, and abuse. While I am no professional on advice I just knew I wanted to inspire and empower women through my work. By combining my passion to help others and my love for business I was able to create what is now known as Fleur Fashion Boutique.

With everyday stress and struggles I wanted to create a website where women could come to indulge in themselves or others that they care about. To take it one step further we have created customized packaging to make each purchase feel a little more special. We invite you to shop with us and support women empowerment. Let’s create a movement and inspire those around us! We want to see you post a video or picture with your Fleur Fashion purchase, upload it to one of your social media platforms, tag us in your post, and caption it with something empowering. Each month we will pick several women to highlight and feature on our social media. Until then I want to thank each and every one of you for taking the time to follow my journey and seeing what Fleur Fashion Boutique is all about!



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